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Only A Brand Like Ulysse Nardin Can Have A Watch Named The Macho Palladium 950

  This here is a really cool watch that blends watch making prowess, a jeweler's practicality, and manly looks. Ulysse Nardin replica uk never likes 'just' releasing luxury watches. There always needs to be some special twist that makes them special. Your first hint at this fact is in the name of this watch; "Macho." Looking at it, you sort of have to agree. The oval face and aggressive hands are rather macho. There is something defiant in the look of this watch, although you can't seem to place your finger on it. What you are looking at is inflated proportions that create a fantasy like Graham replica uk watch that is finely detailed and perfectly practical. Calling it "Macho" is more of a playing naming scheme, and goes along with Other watches they have bear names like "Freak." The next part of the name is Palladium 950, which refers to a special type of Palladium metal used. You'll notice that new metals are used in their pure form in watch and jewelry making. Instead, countless alloys are used and created for literally thousands of niche purposes. Then there are those alloys that are so good, they can enjoy broad use. One such alloy is grade 316L steel, which is used on high quality steel watches. There is also Palladium 950. Palladium is a metal similar to platinum, but a bit more workable and has different properties. The "950" refers to how pure the palladium is, and in this form it is very pure. Here is some information on just what makes Palladium 950 so good for watch case and jewelry use. "Why 950 Palladium? Palladium, a platinum group metal was first used for jewelry when platinum was declared a strategic metal and reserved for military use in 1939. Developing palladium alloys for jewelry typically contain 95 percent palladium and about 5 percent ruthenium and have trace amounts of other metals that are proprietary to their developers. These new 950 palladium alloys are:The specific gravity of 950 palladium is close to that of 14-karat white gold and nearly half the weight by volume of platinum. At the time of this writing, the daily market price of platinum was $892.00, gold was $440.00 while palladium was listed at $182.00 per ounce. The lightness of the 950 palladium alloys and pricing considerations, make them prime candidates for use in the creation of a broad spectrum of fashionably affordable as well as classically influenced jewelry designs."