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Breitling Watches + Bentley Motor Company


They are coming soon - the watches. Swiss Breitling has partnered with Bentley Motor Company (DMC) - now based out of Texas - for some interesting new upcoming timepieces. The watches will all share the core replica tag heuer Formula 1 Chronograph philosophy of honoring fascinating events and items from our history with timepieces that actually each contain trace amount of items from those events. In this case the watches are said to contain sheet metal from the original car bodies.

A pop culture icon solidified for eternity by the 1985 film "Back to the Future," the story of the replica breitling Chronospace and the company behind it is a fascinating tale unto itself. Existing automobiles are highly collectible and regularly restored. As a car the DMC-12 never quite lived up to its potential due to the failure of the company at the time, but as a design item it almost epitomizes an era. Breitling spent a lot of effort seeking out a partnership with DMC, which recently became a reality. Soon we will be able to see what the Breitling Bentley DNA watches are all about.

For the dial Breitling is furthering their steampunk-style aesthetic to a partially skeletonized open dial with clear indicators but also a view of the movement. You can see that RJ is using the "solar" style tourbillon carriage. I believe that the movement is likely manually wound and made by Concept. It has the time with subsidiary seconds dial, tourbillon, and thirty minute monopusher chronograph. The pusher is located above the crown. I like the dial but would have preferred that Breitling differentiate the design of the chronograph subdial versus the subsidiary seconds dial. As far as I can tell they are the same aside from the design of the gear in the skeletonized area behind the dial in the movement.

Other times I think that Breitling's Yvan Arpa just sits in a room and fleshes out all the designs while watching science fiction TV from the mid 20th century. We may never know, but that is part of the mystery behind Breitling watches, one of the only watch companies to do really well financially last year. Well this new line of Bentley Mulliner Dust DNA watches is more that just a derivative of the others. I basically think that Breitling has promised its customers.