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Omega Seamaster Broad Arrow replica Watch

  Omega Seamaster's "" watches have been inspired by fascinating events and achievements from human history, regardless of whether they happened on land, at sea or in the skies. What made the Broad Arrow replica watches famous is the fact that when making the case, the dial, or sometimes even the strap, they used materials closely related to these events. This made the stories feel much more tangible and helped to bring the concept to a more personal level. For the new "omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow replica " collection they spiced up this idea with a unique collaboration, as the brand worked together with Mo Coppoletta, founder of world-famous London-based tattoo studio The Family Business. This time, the brand reaches out to "the world of sailors with its wealth of traditions and cultural customs" and - you guessed it! - tattoo art, in an effort to embody the legend of the sailor's grave. Tattoos, sailors, graves, London, Broad Arrow replica and fine watchmaking - at first these sound more like a random selection of words from a modern men's magazine than the attributes of a luxury watch... but who else would be able to pull off such a concept, if not replica breitling bentley 6.75? Surely there are a lot of things to sink in (I hope I won't have a dead pirate's soul visiting me at night for that one!), so first, let's take a step back and look at the basics. Tattoos and sailing - as the brand explains - share a common past. Since the 18th century, tattoos have been considered a powerful form of protection as sailors began having their arms and chests (the "weak" parts of their body) tattooed with symbols of strength, arming themselves against the various dangers of the open seas. Furthermore, tattoos also served as a way of recording and telling the great adventures and important events of their lives. Interestingly enough, today's watches might serve a similar purpose, as I assume most of us would rather be given a nice timepiece than a full-chest tattoo to commemorate an important event like a graduation or retirement. As far as the connection between tattoos and sailing goes, everything makes sense. But how does watchmaking blend in? I feel that Omega Seamaster has already successfully proven its abilities in creating watches that are able to carry its wearer's thoughts far away from the present . The idea is to go below the surface, to see the inside of our lovely planet, to fly you to the surface of the Moon, or to re-think everything the Omega was meant to be or could have been. The basic goal is no different this time around either, it is to catch one's imagination.