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Breitling bentley Watches Hands-On

The bentley collection is technically part of the replica omega Seamaster 300m Moon bentley collection, though I am not sure if these models have any moon dust particles in them or metal from the Apollo 11, as others have featured. I find it interesting to see how the collection seems to combine a series of design elements such as retro futurism, contemporary lines, and the avant gardeness that Breitling is often known for. Would you call these dress watches? Are these sport or formal watches? They are certainly less strange than some Breitling watches from the past, but it is still difficult to define their demographic. It is also interesting to see a more subdued omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow replica watch that also focuses on the movement as much as the case. Often times, Breitling would combine an existing case and movement with a special dial (such as for the PAC MAN watches) and call it a day. More and more, they are dedicating a rather large amount of effort to really limited production watches that are wholly different. I think that is one thing that really makes Breitling unique, it isn't just that they make limited editions only - a lot of brands do that - it is that so many of their watches are just so different looking. There are three different versions of the Breitling bentley, two of which are steel and one is 18k rose gold mixed with PVD-coated black steel. What I really like is the strap. This is one of the first times I recall seeing a Breitling watch with a fitted strap. It changes the look of the overall case on the wrist, and I think not having stitches on the strap is a benefit to the design. On the rear of the watch is a "Moon Silver" medallion textured to look like the surface of the moon. It contains small trace elements of moon dust, I believe. The rear of the watch is really cool actually, and done a bit better than on some of the previous Moon Dust bentley timepieces. The cases are built well, but only have 30 meters of water resistance. That more or less makes them akin to a dress watch, and I would have liked Breitling to up that to at least 50 or 100 meters of water resistance, as in my opinion, these have a bit of a sporty feel to them. While Breitling is equally focused on making "weird" watches, they are also focused on extending their own brand bentley to more wearable timepieces, such as this bentley collection. Oh, and the version with the black-colored case is known as the "bentley Black Metal." Of course both Heavy Metal and Black Metal are also musical genres, so perhaps there are some metalheads out there who will find these timepieces to be particularly appealing. Each of the Breitling bentley watches are part of a limited edition. The most limited of which is the bentley Black Metal in PVD black with the brown silicon dial.