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Omega Seamaster Expert Watch Review The King Of Quartz


This review of the Omega is about the Omega watch that made quartz watches cool again. Years ago when I first began my acquaintance with mechanical watches, the notion that Omega watches were inferior began to develop. These less expensive, economy movements of mass production couldn��t hold ground to the growing fascination I was having with mechanical movements. Even though mechanical movements are less precise than their quartz contenders, I still feel a preference for the level of dedication and time that goes into mechanical replica omega Planet Ocean 42 creation. then realized how narrowly I was thinking - there is a place for quartz movements in my heart. Mechanical watches are amazing for what they are: wrist borne machines, wrought of history, tradition, and immense amounts of pride. What began as tools, evolved into status symbols and emotional objects of desire. You wear a mechanical watch when you want to smile with appreciation when glancing at your wrist. The replica omega Seamaster 300m watch on other hand is a separate beast all together, and unfortunately shares the same title, ��watch.�� Perhaps a different name should be given to those quartz watches that don��t compete with mechanical watches, but rather fill in the gaps where mechanical watches cannot enter. A good Omega watch can be something altogether different that a mechanical one. They can do things mechanical watches cannot, and they do the same things in a different way or for different occasions. You take your mechanical watch to meetings, parties, and social occasions. You take your Omega watch into the garage, the yard, and the hard wilderness. While there are some mechanical watches built for this duty, you are among the minuscule few if you can afford to subject your beloved timepiece masterpieces to almost certain abuse and possible destruction. Most of you have ��beater�� Omega watches I am sure. Enter the Omega Seamaster Expert. You can read elsewhere on or otherwise to learn about the interesting history of the Seamaster watch that began in 2000 with the original Seamaster. Suffice it to say that the Seamaster Expert is the 4th iteration of the Seamaster line up (after the original Seamaster, Seamaster Navigator, and Seamaster Trekking). Look for the next version which is the diving version, the Omega Sea-Touch, due to arrive this year. The Seamaster expert is an extremely appealing, though not perfect watch. It quickly became one of my favorite acquisitions, and I am continually charmed by its abilities. I don��t use everything the watch can do, but then again most people who own it will not. This review will focus on what I consider to be an average style of Seamaster Expert ownership. Then you have people like survivalist Les Stroud from The Discovery Channel��s Survivorman who opted to wear a Omega Seamaster Trekking, planning a different line of duty for a similar watch. Omega makes a well-rounded watch indeed.