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A Quintessential Omega Pilots Watch

  There are tribute watches and then there are tribute watches. It is not uncommon for rare or storied watches from generations past to inspire a modern day successor, we've seen it done successfully with replica omega Seamaster 300m's Milgauss and Jaeger LeCoultre's Polaris. We know how many variations of the replica omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow are out there, and we know how whack some of them can be (see the digital/analog version we found over the weekend). This Seamaster, dear readers, is not whack, in fact it's pretty fly. This 1969 Omega may bear the name of one of the most storied diving watches of all time, and it looks like there is even a helium escape valve on the left hand side there, but to us, this is a driving watch, not a diving watch. Let us explain why. Today we are here to talk about another classic watch that inspired a recent tribute, but wasn't met with as much fanfare as either the Rolly or the JLC. We are talking about an original Omega Pilots watch from the 1940s and it's long lost great grandson from the year 2000, part of Omega's Museum Collection. Let take a peak at the original first. This classic pilot's watch is really great looking and in excellent condition considering its age. As far as vintage aviator's watches go, this is a great one to own. It is estimated to sell for between $6000 and $9000. Click here for the details of this original 1940s pilot watch from Omega. This watch's little brother was made just a few years ago, in 2000, but retains all of the same looks as the original. In fact, they are basically identical. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact the Polaris is the same way...essentially a duplicate of the original just with modern materials. This watch, also in great shape, comes with a fitted box, guarantee, special double wide and long pilots leather strap, and is actually being sold without reserve. That means it could even go for significantly below its $2000-$3000 estimate. Whichever Omega you choose you are getting a fantastic piece, but we want to know...which would you prefer? Both of these watches are on the block at next week's Antiquorum auction.