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1968 Omega Chronostop One-Button

  We know that replica omega Seamaster 300m has made some fantastic sports watches in their history (think Speedmaster and Seamaster), but what about the less well-known models? Well today we are going to give some love to a third Omega sports watch, called the Chronostop. The Chronostop is really a simple combination of two time-telling devices, a standard replica omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT-watch and a basic stop watch. You will see a bright red sweet seconds hand on the face, which is essentially a stop watch built on top of the Grey wristwatch. Now the looks of this watch is classic late 60s sport, and as we've said before we have always loved that. In fact, we have previously featured another rare version of the Chronostop that was actually designed to be worn horizontally on the underside of your wrist, so that you could read it while keeping your hands on the steering wheel....obviously geared towards race car drivers. So if made these Chronostops to be good looking, interesting, and well-performing, why did they never reach the popularity of the Speedmaster or Seamaster? This is really a test to see how observant you are. Most chronographs have at least one sub-dial to keep track of elapsed time...the Chronostop does not. Essentially, all this watch is capable of doing is tracking time up to 60 seconds. What good is that? No good at all, according to the watch-buyers of the late 1960s. Despite its limited functionality, people liked the looks and liked the Omega name so they bought a few (I stress "a few"). The watch we have found for you today is a 1968 original Slate grey Chronostop. It is signed and in excellent condition. This is selling for around $5,000 which to us does seem a tad high, and by tad we mean very very high. We would like to see this in the $1,000 range....but keep in mind this seller is in the UK, which could account for SOME of the higher price. It is hard to tell if this watch will ever fall into a group of those that were never commercial successes until years down the line, when they became cult classics, but it looks like it might. This could be a chance to get in on a trend before it really takes off.