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Do you Like Omegas, Football, and Fruit This Could Be The Watch For You


The watch we��ve got for you today is a pretty standard Seamaster from the 1960��s - it��s in very nice condition and it��s got an unusual (and pretty nifty looking) orange on the dial. It��s unusual for an Omega to feature fruit - a spacecraft or Snoopy, sure. Fruit, not so much. Watch dials with modifications like this are often called presentation dials, and we��ve shown you one or two before. Presentation dialled watches are not uncommon, and collectors can either love or strongly dislike them. In our opinion, if the image is nicely done it can really add appeal to a watch, and in our experience they are often in really good condition. This replica omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT is a case in point. As the dial informs us, this replica omega Seamaster 300m commemorates the 1966 Orange Bowl Classic. The Orange Bowl Classic is one of America��s oldest annual college football games, being played once a year since 1935 in Florida. In 1966 the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 39 - 28. We don��t know who this watch belonged to - a player, a supporter, the Alabama head coach, Bear Bryant? What we do know is that the design makes for a really attractive watch dial and is a great little bit of American sporting history. Now giving away Swiss watches for American football games isn't unheard of, remember the Rolex with the 1969 Cotton Bowl logo on it? But, to get a dose of pure Americana juxtaposed on fine Swiss craftsmanship for such a reasonable price is definitely a feat. While there is seemingly an endless supply of limited watches (irony is not lost on us, believe us), on occasion one catches our eye for being something unexpected and out of the ordinary. Such is Omega��s recently introduced Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Seconds Limited Edition. We confess that when first hearing the name of the watch, the image on the right is far different than the watch we imagined. This white enamel-dialed watch is massive at 49.2 mm in diameter and is being made in a limited edition of 88 watches in 18kt white gold as well as 88 watches in 18kt rose gold. Each watch is water resistant to 150 meters and is an officially certified chronometer. We especially like the ornate blue steel hands that incorporate the Omega logo. Omega claims that they are based on an original design that they patented in 1924.