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breguet replica watches Court records show a long rift between Omega Restaurant business partners

  Running a business is never easy, but strife seems to have dogged Omega Restaurant for years.This week, the Downers Grove restaurant sits empty and dark, as the owner and tenant fight over months of unpaid rent and at least three utility companies have come calling for $75,000 in unpaid bills.Yet court records show that quarrels in the restaurant business office aren uncommon.According to a review of dozens of filings in DuPage County Circuit Court, a complicated and often contentious partnership has existed between the men who've owned and operated Omega Restaurant, 1300 Ogden Ave., since 2007.The growing rift dates back to at least 2009, when the owner, George Andrews, sought a restraining order against George and Jim Stavropoulos, the father and son who managed the business.According to the injunction replica tag heuer Formula 1 Chronograph, neither the father nor son had a stake in the restaurant, yet both were showing up regularly and interfering with business. The injunction paints a picture of a pair who on a daily basis were coming in to overrule managers orders, hire and fire employees, make threats and, in Jim case, skim money from the restaurant.In a response filed in court, both George and Jim Stavropoulos roundly denied all the claims against them. They said they were part owners in talks to either buy out or be bought out.It isn clear whose version of the story is accurate, but apparently it didn matter.A few months later, the injunction was dropped and the dispute settled. In September 2009, a new five year lease was forged, putting the Stavropoulos family in charge of the restaurant albeit on a short leash: If they fell behind on the $30,000 monthly rent, the lease would be terminated the next day and Andrews could retake the restaurant with a court order.That court enforced lease would be behind several financial disputes over the next three years, as the lease changed hands repeatedly. Though while Andrews went to court again and again, he never took the business back.By May 2011, the lease was in the hands of a man named George Vasikopoulos, who had fallen a month behind on rent. Andrews went to court to enforce the lease, and he asked a judge to order the tenants listed as Vasikopoulos as well as Jim and George Stavropoulos in court documents to surrender the property.But Andrews' request was withdrawn just weeks later, when the Stavropoulos pair took over the lease once again.Vasikopoulos could not be reached for comment. His company, GV Restaurant Inc., has declared bankruptcy, and the attorney who represented him in court declined to provide his contact information. Stavropoulos says he is unsure where Vasikopoulos is.Andrews, meanwhile, declined to comment Tuesday and forwarded any questions to his lawyer, who has not returned phone messages.Since Jim and George Stavropoulos took over the business again in July 2011, Andrews has gone to court again and again to enforce the lease.The first time, two rent checks totaling $42,000 had bounced in late 2011, Andrews argued in court in December.In a phone interview Wednesday, Stavropoulos said he and his father missed rent those months after his mother passed away.used the money to pay for a funeral, Stavropoulos said, is more important in my opinion. Andrews withdrew that court claim in February only to make another claim in May.This time, Andrews argued in court that Jim Stavropoulos had not paid rent since February. Stavropoulos said he had oral permission to pay the rent late and was surprised when Andrews brought the issue to court.Regardless, by July 9 the claim on overdue rent reached $364,000 which reflected five months of late rent as well as the lease $1 replica hublot Big Bang Gold 44mm,000 a day late fee. Andrews claimed that Stavropoulos also was delinquent $7,300 on the business fire insurance policy Discount Replica Breitling Super Avenger watches Online Sale, and that coverage would lapse in August.This most recent dispute is still being worked out in court, and a solution does not seem near.Andrews wants the property returned to him so that he can make money and pay his considerable mortgage debt, according to court records. Stavropoulos, on the other hand, says he is a one time shareholder who is being forced out of the business.That ongoing dispute led to Stavropoulos bankruptcy filing in late May, which he now says was a ploy. In June, a judge threw the claim out, according to court records